Appendix R

Secular chronologist’s blatant disregard for the Bible

Wikepedia states: Pekah ("open-eyed"), was king of Israel, the son of Remaliah, and a captain in the army of Pekahiah, king of Israel. William F. Albright has dated his reign to 737 BC-732 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 740 BC-732 BC. Although Pekah is said to reign for twenty years in the Book of Kings, such a lengthy reign cannot be supported from the evidence of the Assyrian chronicles, which show Menahem to have been King in 740 BC and Hoshea to have been King from 732 BC.

Did you notice that the Bible plays 2nd fiddle when it comes to establishing secular chronology? Since the 20 years that the Bible said Pekah reigned does not coincide with Assyrian chronology, guess which one is believed? Hint: not Jeremiah. So, Pekah’s rule is cut from 20 years to a mere 6 or 9 years by secular chronologists because they would rather believe the exaggerating pagan idol worshipping astrologers and kings than God’s word the Bible. The result is 11 to 14 years difference from the Bible and secular chronology.

But wait, there is more. What about Hoshea?

The Bible says he ruled for 9 years prior to his vassalship to Assyria, followed by 9 more years as a vassal to Assyria. Total: 18 years. ‘Wrong again!’ say secular chronologists. Hoshea’s rule is only 9 or 11 years according to them.

In line with this, Wikipedia states that “Hoshea ("salvation") was the last king of Israel and son of Elah. William F. Albright has dated his reign to 732 BC-721 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 732 BC-722 BC.”

The other 9 or 7 years are discounted. So we have a difference of 7 or 9 years here. Add this own to the previous 11 to 14 years erased from Pekah and what do we have? We have 20 to 21 years of Bible chronology thrown in the garbage by secular chronologists favoring pagan worshippers exaggerating incomplete records of astrologers.

It seems that when there is a conflict between ancient records of the pagan nations and the Bible, these secular chronologists would rather put their faith in ancient astrologers and exaggerating kings than in God’s word. How foolish to put these incomplete records above the Bible record!

How hypocritical that they accuse Jehovah’s Witnesses of throwing the whole Assyrian-Babylonian-Egyptian-Judean, unity of the kings list out of whack – simply for insisting that Jerusalem was desolated for 70 years from 607 to 537 BCE!

Secular chronologists such as Thiele have shown themselves to be intellectually dishonest. In view of the above it seems to be utter foolishness to believe every calculation of secular chronologists. They have no problem publicly and blatantly disregarding the Bible in favor of uninspired writings.

It would not surprise us one bit to find out that there was a number of years ruled by Babylonian kings between Neb and the fall of Babylon which has been move to another place in the Babylonian line prior to Neb. It would not be surprising at all to find out that some of the known kings actually ruled longer than we have been led to believe, all for the sake of keeping their current beliefs.

Are you willing to believe the holy inspired writings of God’s word, or incomplete records which are often mere copies of perhaps the original record, but who knows? And then we have to trust that the secular chronologists are honestly translating and conscientiously providing accurate calculations. We do know this much. Secular chronologists have no problem putting these writings above that of the Bible record, Mr. Theile included.

We can just imagine the conversation between two secular chronologists as they attempt provide the lengths of the reigns of ancient kings:

Secular Chronologist 1: Lets see here, this Assyrian tablet says Hoshea ruled for 11 years. I think that's what it says. Does that look like an 11 to you.

Secular Chronologist 2: But the Bible says it was 18 years?

Secular Chronologist 1: The Bible? You’re not going to put it above this broken incomplete copy of an original document are you? Why, don't you know this was copied by Joe Astrologists. And he was copying the words of the mighty King Exxagerationists. This is much more accurate than the Bible.

Secular Chronologist 2: Oh, yes, I see your point. How foolish of me. OK, 11 years it is for Hoshea. But now this messes up Pekah’s rule. The bible said 20.

Secular Chronologist 1: No problem; let’s make it 6 years for Pekah. We have to make it fit in with this broken copy of Historian Brown Nose. He was well familiar with King Say I Did That. He wouldn't exxagerate his accomplishments I’m quite sure.

Secular Chronologist 2: Yes, the truth must come out. How can anyone believe the Bible? It is so inaccurate. Inspired of God? Yeah, right. They can't even harmonize with each other much less with what the great King ‘Erase His Name AND Subsitute Mine’ said.

Secular Chronologist 1: And don’t forget, we cannot be questioned for we are the ultimate authority in ancient history.

Secular Chronologist 2: Well said my friend, well said indeed.

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