Why is 607 BCE an important date to Jehovah's Witnesses?

The apostle Paul once stated, “from among you yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples”. Today that very thing is happening. Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses along with other opposers attack our beliefs from all angles. This includes our 1914 doctrine.

Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem; By Rembrandt

We believe Jesus Christ began his rule invisibly in the heavens in 1914, through an interpretation of the Seven Times prophecy in Daniel. The Seven Times lasts 2,520 years, and began when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonian empire and the last Davidic King was removed. Our strict Bible chronology places this event in the year 607 BCE. Counting 2,520 years from that date, we come to the year 1914 CE. For a more detailed explanation of this interpretation, and how it is biblically sound, see Appendix A.

This, however, conflicts with the widely accepted chronology of historians. They believe Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 BCE, twenty years later than we say. If they are correct, the 1914 doctrine has a serious problem – it's twenty years out! However, this essay will set out to show – from the Bible – that the 607-based chronology of Jehovah's Witnesses is correct.


Why is 607 BCE Important?

The Real Issue: 70 Years

Seventy years of what?

Is Jerusalem Included in the 70 Years of Desolation?

Ruins, Desolation, Waste, a Wasteland

Servitude to the King of Babylon for 70 Years?

Did the 70 Years Begin in Neb’s 1st Year?

Did the 70 years Begin with Assyria’s Defeat?

Does 607 make Daniel Unrealistically Old?

The 70 Years for Tyre

Egypt’s 40-Year Desolation

Zechariah: Did the 70 Years Continue After 537?

What About 519 BCE?

607 BCE – The Only Year That Works


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The Seven Times prophecy

Secular “correction” of the Bible

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Josephus’ account

Excuses for only 68 years

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Ezekiel 33:24, 27 - these devastated places?

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Jer. 29:10 - eighty years at Babylon?

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Daniel’s gross inconsistency?

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Tablet BM21946 supports 607

Blatantly disregarding the Bible



The 70 year desolations of Jerusalem, 607 based chronology

The 70-year “servitude” of Jerusalem, secular chronology

The 70 years of “figurative desolation” in secular chronology

Egypt’s 40-year desolation in the 607-based chronology

Egypt’s 40-year desolation in the 587-based secular chronology

One 587 proponent’s “explanation” of the Egypt problem

Tyre’s 70 years in the 607-based chronology

Tyre’s 70 years in 587-based secular chronology

The 70 years of servitude

The Judean Kings in 607-based chronology

Perfect fit of Bible chronology

Daniel’s three full years

Daniel’s 3 years reduced to 2