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Here is a quick summary of all the arguments of this crazy conspiracy theory, contrasted with the simple truth.

The conspiracy theory The truth
The Watchtower Society became an NGO. The Watchtower Society has always been an NGO. An “NGO” is any organization, anywhere, that is not part of a government. (See the page Miscellaneous Questions)
The Watchtower Society became part of the UN or a UN member. Only countries can become UN members. The UN’s DPI says NGOs on it’s register cannot become “part of” the UN system in any way. That’s the UN’s words, not ours. (See the page Know your NGOs)
They agreed to write articles praising the UN. No such agreement exists according to the DPI’s own procedures. No agreements to publish articles are made as that is not how the association and disassociation procedure works. (See the page Did we agree to praise the UN?)
UN resolutions say that NGOs must support the UN’s goals. Those resolutions are about ECOSOC NGOs. The Society has never been an ECOSOC-associated NGO. (See the page Know your NGOs)
When the Watchtower Society signed the application form, they agreed to support the UN. We have scans of forms from those years. They say no such thing about supporting the UN, and there is no place for a signature. (See the page Please sign nowhere)
They became associated with the DPI to gain political prominence to pander to the UN to protect Jehovah’s Witnesses against persecution. The UN says DPI-associated NGOs have no special status, influence, or privileges. The idea that library access passes from the public information office somehow gives you political prominence is comical. (See the page Did we agree to praise the UN?)
The Society had to renew their association each year, so must have signed the new forms which clearly say that the NGO must support the UN. The UN says the renewal process did not start until 2001/2002, which is after the Society ended the association. (See the page Please sign nowhere)
The society did sign an accreditation form each year, and that form says that the NGO must support the UN. The pre-2002 version of this form states it was simply to declare whose name the NGO wanted printed on the library access passes, and to say what subjects your organization wants to research. It said nothing about agreeing to support the UN. (See the page Please sign nowhere)
The brochure sent to NGOs clearly says that they must support the UN and it’s charter. The brochure is only sent to new NGOs. The 2005 version says the NGO must support the UN. The Society ended its association in 2001. The 1994 version only says to share the same ideals as the UN charter (e.g. freedom of religion). The Society joined in 1991/2 and that version may not have even existed. (See the page The changing world of NGOs)
A 1992 UN press release says DPI-associated NGOs must support the UN, it’s goals, and it’s charter. The DPI association is not dictated by press releases. The application form and subsequent accreditation forms made no such statements. UN resolution 13 stipulates the requirements for DPI-associated NGOs, and also makes no mention these things. The press officer was mistaken. (See the page Miscellaneous Questions)
The rules for NGOs have not changed and were the same in 1991/2 as they are today. In other words, that NGOs must support the UN. The application and accreditation forms have all changed over the years. The UN Secretary-General and the General Assembly have both said the NGO world was changing. It is widely acknowledged. (See the page The changing world of NGOs)
The Watchtower Society lies when they claim they merely wanted a “library card”. The Society never said they wanted a mere “library card”. They said they wanted access to the full DPI library facilities, which is very extensive and includes areas and events not normally open to the public. It was, in fact, apostates who coined the “library card” phrase, so yes, it is indeed a lie. (See the page Following it to the letter)
Paul Hoeffel at the UN’s DPI said that NGOs must support the UN and disseminate information about it. That particular part was him quoting current (then 2004) requirements, not the 1991/2 requirements the Society has on file. (See the page Hail to the Chief)
Jehovah’s Witnesses are hypocrites because they view the UN as the “unclean thing” which should not be touched. Jehovah’s Witnesses have never taught this. The “unclean thing” mentioned in Bible prophecy is “Babylon the Great”, not the UN. (See the page Miscellaneous Questions)
Jehovah’s Witnesses are apostates by the own standards for having dealings with the UN, whom they teach is a “wild beast” in Bible prophecy and a “disgusting thing”. The Bible represents many governments as “wild beasts”, including the Anglo-American World Power. It also has a wild beast for Rome, but the apostle Paul still appealed to Caesar. The Bible says we should respect all governments as authorities placed by God. Again, Rome proved to be the prophetic “disgusting thing”, but that did not stop the apostle Paul from appealing to Caesar for help. If he could do that, then we can certainly be registered with a government department to use their libraries. (See the page Principal support)
The Watchtower teaches that Christians should have nothing whatsoever to do with the UN. They are hypocrites for violating their own standards. Totally false. The UN is taught to be of the “superior authorities”, just like the USA or UK governments. As such, they can be used as employers, disaster relief assistants, etc, and to advance true worship. Apostates have been unable to provide a single Watchtower article teaching that “Christians should have nothing whatsoever to do with the UN.” (See the page Did we hypocritically ride the wild beast?)
The Awake is now a UN-propaganda machine and mentions the UN twice as much as God’s Kingdom. Completely false and very funny. In reality, the Awake has mentioned God’s Kingdom more often than the UN nearly every year, and continues to do so. (See the page Awake to propaganda?)
The Awake is part of a global conspiracy to hail the UN as the solution to mankind’s problems instead of God’s Kingdom. Since 1970 the Awake has said God’s Kingdom is the answer to man’s problems over 2,000 times. The UN, 0 times. It has often criticized the UN, and even did so during the NGO association. (See the page Awake to propaganda?)
The Awake was required to write and distribute articles praising the UN. No such agreement exists. The DPI itself specifically said that only writing good things about the UN is not a requirement. (See the page Did we agree to praise the UN?)
The Awake now mentions the UN more often because of requirements of the NGO association. The Awake mentions the UN more often because the number of references to the USA and other Americana has dropped from 600+ per year to about 100. Instead other countries and international agencies (like the UN) are mentioned. (See the page Awake to propaganda?)
If YMCA membership is apostasy, surely DPI membership is also. The YMCA is a interfaith “Christian” organization. The UN DPI is a government department in charge of UN libraries. It is not the same thing. (See the page Self-condemnation?)
The Watchtower condemned the Catholic Church for having NGOs at the UN. Is this not hypocrisy? The Catholic NGOs are ECOSOC-associated, which have decision and policy-making influence at the UN. This is meddling in politics. On the other hand, journalists from DPI-associated NGOs can access UN library facilities. (See the page Self-condemnation?)
The Watchtower Society, possibly after being secretly infiltrated by the Free Masons and the Illuminati, is now in league with evil forces to impose a totalitarian world government – the UN’s “global agenda” – upon mankind. They’re accomplishing this by writing articles about the International Year of the Child and that World Food Summit that happened a few years ago. For this sin, the Watchtower will be destroyed by God. This conspiracy theory is possibly the funniest thing apostates have invented in a long time. What’s even funnier is that thousands of people actually believe it. Clearly, those not blinded by an obsessive desire to discredit Jehovah’s Witnesses can see that apostates have made something out of nothing. Certain “Christian” groups have easily accepted some (or all) of these ridiculous accusations. Why? Because “Watchtower = Evil” is what they want to hear. They do not want to investigate the alleged “evidence” because the bare-faced lies and crazy distortions suit their purposes. The whole issue is nothing more than a crackpot conspiracy theory, promoted by those who are bigoted against Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who are woefully ignorant of how the UN operates. (See the page Consider the source)

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